Age of Plastic

Can we say So Long to Plastic?

February 28, 2022 Andrea Fox Season 9 Episode 4
Age of Plastic
Can we say So Long to Plastic?
Show Notes

we’ve spoken to plastic alternative innovators on this podcast before. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a lovely space online to showcase these innovations - heck maybe even with an award? 

BEYONDPLASTIC is the brainchild of Ulrich Krzyminski, an entrepreneur, engineer & inventor with a particular insight into the printing and packaging industry. As well as showcasing plastic alternatives, they have the Beyond Plastic Awards with categories like Most Practical Impact’, ‘Most Innovative Approach’, and  ‘Most Beautiful Solution’. And not only that, they’ve put all the innovations and solutions they discovered into a beautiful book!

Talking to me from his home in Frankfurt Germany here’s Beyond Plastic Founder Ulrich Krzyminski

LISTEN: Plastic wrap that’s edible and made from seaweed (that’s Notpla)

LISTEN:  Plastic alternative made from a polymer created by tiny ocean bugs (Newlight Technologies Aircarbon)

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